Table of Contents


Part One Introduction

   1 Statistical Hypothesis Testing

Part Two Normal Distribution

   2 Tests on the Mean

   3 Tests on the Variance

Part Three Binomial Distribution

   4 Tests on Proportions

Part Four Other Distributions

   5 Poisson Distribution

   6 Exponential Distribution

Part Five Correlation

   7 Tests on Association

Part Six Nonparametric Tests

   8 Tests on Location

   9 Tests on Scale Difference

   10 Other Tests

Part Seven Goodness-of-Fit Tests

   11 Tests on Normality

   12 Tests on other Distributions

Part Eight Tests on Randomness

   13 Tests on Randomness

Part Nine Tests on Contingency Tables

   14 Tests on Contingency Tables

Part Ten Tests on Outliers

   15 Tests on Outliers

Part Eleven Tests in Regression Analysis

   16 Tests in Regression Analysis

   17 Tests in Variance Analysis

A Datasets

B Tables

C Glossary